sound engineer

Welcome and thanks for visiting this space.
I am Gianluca Massimo, freelance Sound Engineer.

Who I


My career has been quite diverse, from FoH and Monitor engineering to editing, tracking and mixing.

Having worked at AIR Studios Lyndhurst for 6 years, and having recently engineered for the likes of
Coldplay, Sam Smith, Yungblud, and theatre production, The Little Big Things, I decided to move
into the freelance world at the start of 2024.

Sounds & Portfolio

what I do

From tracking to mixing, there’s no better feeling than bringing a track to life.


mix room

I have a cozy but mighty 5.1 Mix Room.

Equipped with Adam Audio S3H main speakers, A77H surround, Antelope converters, GIK Acoustics room treatment, Sonarworks speakers management and Blackmagic Video distribution.

Proudly self-built with the help of professionals, made with 80% recycled and refurbed larch wood from the nearby mountains, heated with the latest underfloor heating technology, making it super eco-friendly.

Last but not least, with a window to the mountains.